4Front Ventures FFNTF Stock is Ready For Expansion

4Front Ventures FFNTF stock is about where it needs to be to start a long journey upwards. After significant delays, the LA County Fire Department, being ultra-risk adverse, finally gave the nod for 4Front to occupy its new processing facility. Now, 4Front can execute its plan in California. At the same time, keep in mind, 4Front is the #1 producer of flower in the state of Washington and have the #1 selling edible in the same. Their goal is simple: Take the success to other states. 4Front is now open for business in California while building capacity in Mass & Illinois. The cookie-cutter approach to growth should play handily for such an undervalued marijuana stock. Given the four states 4Front will be producing & selling cannabis in the production possibility is guided for $650M in potential revenue and $250M in EBITDA; that is ~38% of revenue which is excellent.

Verano Holdings VRNOF stock The Most Undervalued Stock

Verano Holdings VRNOF stock may be one of the most undervalued marijuana stocks you can buy. When you look at the numbers and you compare what Verano earns versus the broader S&P 500, you see that this stock is very undervalued. By my calculation, there is a potential 500% upside opportunity in the stock should cannabis stocks be valued at the same metrics as other stocks. To be sure, though, the markets are not going to ignore profits forever. The entire purpose of market participants is to pursue these profits. At some point, the market is going to catch on to what is happening in the cannabis market and buy into these opportunities. Let me break down what I am looking at for Verano.

Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock Moves to $60 And I Show Why

Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock is one of the marquee cannabis stocks. At some $6B, they are one of the largest with revenues in the hundreds of millions per quarter. While Green Thumb Industries continues to build up its footprint at a solid pace, certain margins are slightly behind. But, by no means is this a slight. Management will certainly get the company there. In fact, for those that are savvy to understand how margins work then, you may also be able to see increased potential in earnings from current revenue. But, current revenue is going to continue to grow as Green Thumb continues to expand its footprint. And, if margins continually advance simultaneously, this becomes a powerful engine for profit growth. With that, Green Thumb Industries GTBIF stock will continue to advance. I will speak about margins in the various sections.

Bhang BHNGF stock – A Penny Stock To Buy Now With A Lot Happening

Bhang BHNGF stock, makes one of the best selling edibles in the market. They have distribution with Trulieve, TCNNF stock, that is expanding throughout all of Trulieve's dispensaries (initially starting in Florida & Mass). Also, Bhang has worldwide distribution with its CBD chocolates. Generally, it is a very well-accepted product; you have to be to be the #1 & #2 selling edibles products. The metrics are increasing but, there is still a long ways to go for this cannabis stock. When you start digging around you realize there is a lot going on with partnerships and stock ownerships. So, if you are looking for an interesting pot stock that will go up, take a good look at what is all happening with Bhang. There is a lot going on here and, this may be an opportunity to pick up a penny stocks to buy now that is about to take off. First, setting aside the cross-ownerships, here is the big move for Bhang. The Trulieve partnership expansion should see a big push in product through Trulieve's 75 dispensaries in Florida and the handful up in Mass. This will push revenues higher as these initial orders are filled and then there will be a continual increase in revenue.

Curaleaf CURLF stock is growing but, are there problems?

Curaleaf, CURLF stock, is one of those undervalued marijuana stocks that you should be watching out for.  They have guided to earn between $1.2B - $1.3B for the year and they are on track to do so.  But, Curaleaf is now stating after the latest earnings that what is most likely is for them to hit the bottom of that range.  There were a few challenges with the latest quarter and, what I am wondering is if Curaleaf may tell us something about the bigger picture in cannabis stocks: Are there future issues? First, Curaleaf is growing at an approximate 100% rate annually.  I hardly think this is potentially problematic.  But, the rate that Curaleaf grew this quarter is slowing.  Expectations were high, including mine.  Still, what Curaleaf is doing is building up a solid foundation and, there will be continual growth in the future. For now, all of the revenue increases were organic.  That is good news if you are looking for undervalued stocks to buy.  With the current rate of growth of revenue, this is still exceptional and it outpaces the broader economy and stock market.  I continually reiterate that creating wealth involves finding fast-paced growing sectors and companies.  So, while there was a decline in the rate of growth for the quarter, Curaleaf is still on track to hit its guidance and, they are printing revenue growth that is twice as fast as before. As for the issues of slower growth, the headline is bearish, but, Curaleaf is likely to print continuous increases and they are building a very large foundation.

Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock with Big Upside Potential of 10x

Cannara Biotech, LOVFF stock, has been on my radar for a moment.  They have been hitting my Top 10 videos here and there, and I have taken notice.  The two questions I have are: Is the revenue growth sustainable and potentially continuous? And, would this translate into a solidly performing cannabis stock?  I wonder if Cannara Biotech is an undervalued marijuana stock to buy now?Cannara Biotech is an undervalued marijuana stock to buy now? There was a substantial gain in revenues that really pushed Cannara Biotech LOVFF stock into the limelight.  This was driven by the full-quarter revenue gains for their newly opened dispensary.  Also, Cannara Biotech is expanding into a new 1M  sq. ft. facility that will help them expand offerings and, this will be beneficial long term.  As Cannara Biotech grows its offerings, this will allow for them to control costs.  Eventually, the current costs will be outsized by future revenues.  This makes for a long term investment with a big-picture outlook. Another plus over the past quarter was a refinancing of credit facility that dropped interest costs from 13% down to a much more manageable 4%.  If a lender is going to drop interest rates for lending a company money this shows that there are a lot of positive aspects of the company’s future potential.

Planet 13 PLNHF Stock Will Push to $12.50 then continue to grow

Planet 13 Holdings PLNHF stock is one of my Top Picks - Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy Now.  There is a lot I like about this company and, I see continued capabilities with increases in this company’s revenue.  For now, they are really starting spend money on SG&A, Sales, General & Administrative.  That “Sales” part is what the focus is. Nevada operations are effectively running at 100% with the dispensary.  You have to understand the concept to appreciate the capabilities of Planet 13 Holdings.  The dispensaries are mega-stores.  These are destination-style dispensaries.  When you consider that, having a mega dispensary, destination style store in Las Vegas makes a ton of sense.  But, Planet 13 needs to solidify their presence.  During COVID 19 lockdowns, the state of Nevada was crimped to some of the harshest capacities possible. During that time, Planet 13 improvised the game plan and extended offers to the local population in order to grow a foundation of business.  This sustained Planet 13 through the dreary times.  Now, management is focusing on drawing in the Las Vegas tourists.  This will take time, effort, and money.  You can see this play out in the operating costs.  But, you can also see the efforts gain results with the increase in revenues.