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Consumer Sentiment Plummets To All-Time Low – Expect More Selling

University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment index came in for June at 50.  This is an all-time low.  This portends future selling in the stock market ahead.  Consumer Sentiment is a leading indicator showing what is likely to unfold in an economy....

Value Investing: How to Invest In Uncertain Times

What should you do during uncertain times for value investing?  The stock market has sold off more than 20% since January highs.  The Nasdaq is down some 26% since its recent peak.  This firmly establishes that stocks are in bear market...

Stagflation And Market Crash – What to expect

This could get ugly.  Inflation numbers just came in and they are still heading higher for headline numbers.  On this news, the stock market sold off 5%.  Meanwhile, the World Bank has issued an assessment where they are predicting a period of...

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