TOP 10 Most Profitable Cannabis Companies

What are the TOP 10 most profitable cannabis companies?  The results may surprise you. While there are some obvious top rankings, there are some less-than-usual suspects in the TOP 10 most profitable cannabis companies list.  This will help you learning the best cannabis stocks to buy now.  While it is very likely you have heard of the #1 Most Profitable cannabis companies stock, I wonder if you’ve ever heard of #2?  These cannabis stocks are the ones you need to keep track of.  This is what will separate you from the herd as you look for the next great opportunity.  I have ranked the TOP 10 Most profitable cannabis stocks in order based upon EBTIDA profitability versus total shares outstanding.  The reason is simple: Not many cannabis companies are net profitable yet. So, EBIDTA would be the next step.

EBITDA profitability is a useful indicator for companies.  For cannabis stocks, this is a very important milestone.  Getting to this level means all of the pieces are starting to click together and that net profitability is just around the corner.  I have over 350 different cannabis stocks I follow and scrutinize for investment.  BY comparing all of these cannabis companies to each other, I can get a better sense of whether a company is better positioned versus another.  The companies that successfully get to EBITDA profitability first potentially could outpace other companies in the race of cannabis dominance.

Most Profitable Cannabis Companies

What is important to keep in mind is that a lot of the Canadian companies started at the very same time.  Therefore, if one company outpaces another to get to EBITDA profitability, or Net Profitability, then this tells us information.  Perhaps the respective companies took different paths with product matrixes or took on different approaches to building up infrastructure.  So, if a company does get to this level first versus another company, this could prove vital to the long-term success of one company versus the other.

EBITDA, (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) by definition, is a metric that shows a company’s profits before certain deductions.  Keeping tabs on this number will show how close a company is to becoming Net Income and Free Cash Flow positive.  Comparing two companies with the same starting points but very different debt levels shows how one company may be more profitable versus another in the future.  This may also show how the debt load will affect the profitability of a company.

Which Cannabis Stocks Are The Best Buy?

I broke this listing down with EBITDA versus total shares.  Effectively, it is another version of EPS just with the “E” standing for EBITDA.  By comparing on a per-share basis, it takes away the heavyweights that may have earned a large number but relatively small on a scale. Also, we invest on a per-share basis and are focused on earnings per share.  EBITDA is a direct connection to that.

Looking through the listing below you can see who’s actually winning the race.  I have about 135 companies on the list.  Only 17 are EBITDA positive with another 42 at $0.00.  The companies at $0.00 are companies you should keep an eye on when you are looking for companies to target for possible acquisition.

I would use this listing to see what kind of growth rate each respective cannabis company is printing.  Consistency is important.  If a company is printing consistently solid and increasing EBITDA profits it may be that they are on the verge of also printing positive Earnings Per Share, and this may be the nudge to get a lot of these stocks moving higher.

Cannabis Stocks to Watch

This listing is broken down by the latest quarter’s results.  Not only should you be keeping an eye on the leaders but you should also be keeping a sharp eye on toward those that are just about to break above.  Also, simply because any one particular stock did not make the very top of the list may be because of just one quarter’s results.  This could be an opportunity for someone astute looking for overlooked data points.  Do your due diligence.

Here are the TOP 10 most profitable cannabis companies stocks by EBITDA versus total shares outstanding:

  1. Trulieve – TCNNF: $1.05
  2. Plant Based Investments – CWWBF: $0.35
  3. Curaleaf – CURLF: $0.33
  4. GAIA – GAIA: $0.27
  5. TerrAscend – TRSSF: $0.26
  6. Cresco Labs – CRLBF: $0.18
  7. Avant Brands (Formerly GTEC Holdings) – AVTBF: $0.09
  8. Green Thumb Industries – GTBIF: $0.07
  9. Harborside – HBORF: $0.05
  10. MariMed – MRMD: $0.03

TOP 10 Most Profitable Cannabis Stocks

Rank Symbol Name EBITDA/Share
1 TCNNF Trulieve Cannabis $1.04
2 CWWBF Plant Based Investments $0.35
3 CURLF Curaleaf Holdings $0.33
4 GAIA Gaia, Inc. $0.27
5 TRSSF TerrAscend $0.26
6 CRLBF Cresco Labs $0.18
7 GGTTF GTEC Holdings $0.09
8 GTBIF Green Thumb Industries $0.07
9 HBORF Harborside $0.05
10 MRMD MariMed $0.03
11 CXXIF C21 Investments $0.03
12 WDDMF WeedMD $0.02
13 TLLTF TILT Holdings $0.02
14 JUSHF Jushi Holdings $0.01
15 HITIF High Tide $0.01
16 BMWLF Bluma Wellness $0.01
17 NXGWF Next Green Wave Holdings $0.01
18 PLNHF Planet 13 Holdings $0.01
19 OILFF Nextleaf Solutions $0.00
20 MYMMF MYM Nutraceuticals $0.00
21 LOVFF Cannara Biotech $0.00
22 SRNA SURNA $0.00
23 BVNNF BevCanna Enterprises $0.00
24 SPRWF Supreme Cannabis $0.00
25 KGKG Kona Gold Holdings $0.00
26 DPWW Diego Pellicer $0.00
27 CANN General Cannabis $0.00
28 SARSF Canada House Wellness Group $0.00
29 CLSH CLS Holdings $0.00
30 FLWPF The Flowr Corporation $0.00
31 EMHTF Emerald Health Therapeutics $0.00
32 INSHF Inner Spirit Holdings $0.00
33 FFLWF Fire & Flower Holdings $0.00
34 HEXO HEXO $0.00
35 GLDFF Golden Leaf Holdings $0.00
36 HSTRF Hollister Biosciences $0.00
37 FFNTF 4Front Ventures $0.00
38 VVCIF VIVO Cannabis $0.00
39 GTII Global Tech Industries Group $0.00
40 RWBYF Red White & Bloom Brands $0.00
41 ZYNE Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $0.00
42 MGCLF MGC Pharmaceutical $0.00
43 IGC India Globalization Capital Inc $0.00
44 ZLDAF Zelira Therapeutics $0.00
45 BUDZ Weed Inc $0.00
46 CTGL Citrine Global $0.00
47 AUSAF Australis Capital $0.00
48 CNBX Cannabics Pharmaceuticals $0.00
49 ACNNF Auscann Group Holdings $0.00
50 NCNNF 48North Cannabis $0.00
51 CADMF Chemesis International $0.00
52 ZBISF Zenabis Global $0.00
53 MJNA Medical Marijuana $0.00
54 LTTSF Lotus Ventures $0.00
55 HCANF Halo Collective $0.00
56 EPWCF Empower Clinics $0.00
57 SNDD RedHawk Holdings $0.00
58 ORVRF Orchid Vetnrues $0.00
59 BTZI BOTS INC $0.00
60 LVCNF Leviathan Natural Products $0.00
61 MPXOF MPX International -$0.01
62 MJNE MJ Holdings -$0.01
63 HLSPY Heliospectra -$0.01
64 CNWTF Auxly Cannabis -$0.01
65 AGFY Agrify Corporation -$0.01
66 NLVVF New Leaf Ventures -$0.01
67 STMH STEM Holdings -$0.01
68 NXTTF Namaste Technologies -$0.01
69 NDVAF Indiva Limited -$0.01
70 SNDL Sundial Growers Inc. -$0.01
71 HDRPF Epsilon Healthcare -$0.01
72 HRVOF harvest One Cannabis -$0.01
73 ACAN AmeriCann -$0.01
74 CNONF CannaOne Technologies -$0.01
75 SEHCF Sweet Earth Holdings -$0.01
76 GBLX GB Sciences -$0.01
77 BBRRF Blueberries Medical -$0.01
78 CVGRF City View Green Holdings -$0.01
79 CPIVF Captiva Verde Land Corp -$0.01
80 LBUY Leafbuyer Technologies -$0.01
82 SPLIF Nutritional High International -$0.01
83 BHHKF Benchmark Botanics -$0.02
84 TGODF Green Organic Dutchman -$0.02
85 TRTC Terra Tech -$0.02
86 WCEXF World Class Extractions -$0.02
87 KSHB KushCo Holdings -$0.02
88 DLTNF Delta 9 Cannabis -$0.02
89 GBHPF Global Hemp Group -$0.02
90 BHNGF BHANG -$0.02
91 CPMD CannaPharmaRX -$0.02
92 FNNZF FinCanna Capital -$0.02
93 MMNFF MedMen Enterprises -$0.02
94 VLNCF The Valens Company -$0.02
95 CBDS Cannabis Sativa -$0.02
96 CBDNF CBD Global Sciences -$0.02
97 ALEAF Aleafia Holding -$0.03
98 CNPOF RIV Capital -$0.03
99 MJARF MJardin Group -$0.03
100 GRWC Grow Capital -$0.03
101 LOWLF Lowell Farms -$0.03
102 KHRNF Khiron Life Sciences -$0.03
103 KAYS KAYA Holdings -$0.03
104 VFRM Veritas Farms -$0.03
105 SPBBF Speakeasy Cannabis Club -$0.04
106 EVRRD Molecule Holdings Inc -$0.04
107 ETST Earth Science Tech -$0.04
108 BIOIF BIOME Grow -$0.04
109 FLOOF Flower One Holdings -$0.05
110 CCHWF Columbia Care -$0.05
111 ROMJF Rubicon Organics -$0.06
112 MEDIF MediPharm Labs -$0.06
113 VFF Village Farms International, In -$0.06
114 SLGWF SLANG Worldwide -$0.06
115 SKYE SKYE Biosciences -$0.07
116 TLRY Tilray, Inc. - Class 2 -$0.07
117 HRVSF Harvest Health & Recreation -$0.08
118 APHA Aphria Inc. -$0.08
119 CVSI CV Sciences -$0.09
120 PLPRF Plus Products -$0.09
121 OGI Organigram Holdings Inc. -$0.10
122 EEVVF Eve & Co -$0.11
123 ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc. -$0.12
124 NEPT Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. -$0.12
125 CRON Cronos Group -$0.13
126 ITHUF iAnthus Capital Holdings -$0.15
127 CURR Cure Pharmaceutical Holding -$0.19
128 CGC Canopy Growth -$0.21
129 SHWZ Medicine Man Technologies -$0.21
130 IMCC IM Cannabis Corp -$0.25
131 INM InMed Pharma -$0.25
132 MNFSF ManifestSeven Holdings -$0.25
133 VREOF Vireo Health International -$0.26

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