Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy Now

What are the best marijuana stocks?  If you are wondering this it may be for a few reasons.  First, marijuana is being legalized throughout the United States and other countries in the world such as Canada and some European countries and this is an
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48 thoughts on “Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy Now

  1. What do you think about Halo Collective dividing into seperate US and non-US (Africa, Europe, and Canada) companies, with the international company to be named Akanda >
    as described in their hour long June 25 presentation ?

  2. I’m just curious how the “best bang for your buck” philosophy, enters into the picks you choose as your favorites. I mean, if a company is only a double-your-money play, like PLNHF, shouldn’t this take a back seat to a company that has a target 30 times higher than your entry? Or are you only picking according to your fundamental scheme of valuation? It’s an interesting question, since, if you believe a company will 30x your money (let’s say), but it’s fundamentals don’t look quite as nice as a 2x your money play, should the 2x play make it to your favorites, while the 30x play remains in your list of the top 100 companies? An argument could be made that the 30x play deserves more weight, when considering what companies you would actually buy. For example, if you believe Halo will survive, and grow in profitability, with an entry price today of .026, the upside there could be astronomical … especially with all the dispenseries they are throwing up. Anyway, this occurred to me, as I consider what companies to actually buy, and which ones to put more money on.

    1. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the question/comment on the site.

      You are correct that there are times when going in on a long shot merits a lot of consideration. There are a few considerations I look for. I want to see continuously increasing revenues, no matter how a company gets there. The real stand-out for me is first, clearing EBITDA profitability. Then, with increasing revenues, and EBTIDA profitability, all a company has to do is continue increasing revenues and net profits are next. Given that, what could the company be worth from a Discounted Cash Flow point of view.

      While there are some long shots that could merit consideration, I usually try to instill a little bit of measure of safety in my considerations. All cannabis stocks are undervalued so, you don’t need to necessarily bet the ranch. And, considering the longterm prospects of some of these companies, there is going to be a lot of future growth.

      Bottom line, I consider these things but, I’m also balancing the considerations.

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