Top 10 Most Profitable Marijuana Stocks for 2021 To Buy

The Most Profitable Marijuana Stocks for 2021 Q1 are listed here.  These are based upon EBITDA profitability.  Below, I have listed all 100 cannabis companies and the last five EBTIDA prints for the past five quarters.  Also, I have listed the Top 10 Most Profitable Marijuana Stocks for the most recent quarter, Q1 2021.  I have done this simply because not all cannabis companies are profitable yet and this is the first real milestone these cannabis companies are achieving.

I have many different charts and listings throughout my site showing you this kind of data.  All of this is to get you more acquainted with how to get started in cannabis investing.  This is what I do here on Cannabis Investing Newsletter, showing you what you need to know about the Top 100 Cannabis Companies and how to choose which marijuana stocks will outperform another.

Top 10 Most Profitable Marijuana Stocks 2021

Here is the first listing of the top 10 Most Profitable Marijuana Stocks for 2021 – Q1:

  1. Verano Holdings VRNOF: 99.8%
  2. Next Green Wave NXGWF: 56.3%
  3. Trulieve TCNNF: 43.2%
  4. Cannara Biotech LOVFF: 42.9
  5. TerrAscend TRSSF: 35.5%
  6. Green Thumb Industries GTBIF: 34.2%
  7. MariMed MRMD: 31.3%
  8. C21 Investments CXXIF: 30.4%
  9. Flower One Holdings FLOOF: 28.8%
  10. AmeriCann ACAN: 25%

This list of the most profitable marijuana stocks has some very big players listed.  Some of these marijuana stocks will be the leaders of the industry as they continue to grow.

Keep a keen eye peeled towards the cannabis companies on this list as they are cannabis companies to watch.

MSOS Stocks & The Most Profitable Marijuana Stocks

Recently, marijuana stocks have been propped up.  Several big name cannabis companies have printed better numbers than expected:

MSOS AdvisorShares ETF Cannabis Stocks
MSOS AdvisorShares ETF Cannabis Stocks

Truth is, many people have gotten their fingers burned by getting involved in a rush to green gold.  Since then, marijuana stocks have gone down mostly.  But, recently, there have been spurts of buying cannabis stocks.

From here, with companies starting to ramp up and become more and more profitable, this will attract more and more interest and marijuana stocks should start to move higher.

EBITDA/Revenue Comparison

As I mentioned, getting to EBITDA profitability is a key milestone for a new company to achieve.  And, since most of the cannabis companies are just starting to hit EBTIDA profitability, this is a key focus.

EBITDA, Earnings Before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation, & Amortization, shows the ‘core’ business.  For example, EBITDA encompasses total revenues minus cost of goods and SG&A.  Once a cannabis company achieves this metric then all a marijuana stock would need to do is scale up operations and then net earnings profitability will be achieved.

In order for this to occur, a marijuana stock needs to sell its products at a level that is competitive in the market and cover the basic costs of running a business; the core costs.  These include rent, electricity, cost of making the product, and labor.  But, also, the sale price of the product needs to be at a level that there is enough to pay for the sales team, administrative costs, and of course, management.

Once a company has achieved this level they are called “EBITDA Profitable”.  Then, technically, all a cannabis company would need to do is increase revenues to clear other costs such as financing.  These other costs lay outside of the normal operations of a company.  But, they still need to be paid for.

What to look for With Cannabis Companies

Start looking for EBITDA profitable cannabis companies and watch how closely they achieve this level.  Once marijuana stocks start to become EBITDA profitable, they should also become more likely to attract new investments.

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