Hexo Corp and HEXO Stock at a Great Price with Upside Potential

Hexo Corp HEXO Stock dropped significantly in August on news that there was another stock offering to raise capital.  Hexo Corp raised some $140M which was about 40 million shares.  There were some 150M shares outstanding so this was an approximate
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One thought on “Hexo Corp and HEXO Stock at a Great Price with Upside Potential

  1. Thanks for this interesting analysis!
    One thing that you didn’t focus on and is in my view a big question mark is how will they be able to digest these three big acquisitions. Have you seen any other player in any other industry making three major acquisitions in three months?, and doing this successfully?, let alone a relatively new business in a new industry and a rookie (though full of self confidence..) CEO that has never done this before..
    I think they will screw up these acquisitions, but time will tell. I too am staying on the fence waiting to see where it develops from here.

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