Canopy Growth CGC Stock short interest chart

Here is the latest chart on Canopy Growth CGC stock showing the closing price of CGC stock versus short sales as a percentage of daily volume.

Canopy Growth CGC Stock Short Selling
Canopy Growth CGC Stock Short Selling

2 thoughts on “Canopy Growth CGC Stock short interest chart

  1. Where do you think this correction for CGC will end? Will we see higher prices again? What do you think currently about CGC?
    Your insight and knowledge is very much appreciated.

  2. @officeklaric-at

    Thanks for asking this question and following along.  Personally, I refer to Canopy as Canopy Garbage.  Not my favorite.  If you took an Apples-To-Oranges approach to looking at these stocks to invest in today, CGC may rank way at the bottom.  There are so many other companies that will outperform them.  Truth is, ALL cannabis stocks are beaten down, so if you are looking to see a bounce in the stock it may be best to slide your investment to another stock that is performing better instead of waiting it out with CGC.  

    If there is a big move upwards in cannabis stocks, CGC will see a big rush.  But, that would not be because of the superior performance of Canopy but, because the entire industry is launching.  

    But, the better performing stocks will outperform CGC easily.  CGC has some of the worst gross margins and operating costs versus revenues.  Other companies completely overwhelm CGC in these kinds of metrics.  

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