IM Cannabis Company IMCC Short Interest

Here is the short interest report on IM Cannabis Company vs Price showing how price is affected by short interest:

IM Cannabis Company IMCC Stock Short Interest
IM Cannabis Company IMCC Stock Short Interest

6 thoughts on “IM Cannabis Company IMCC Short Interest

    1. Mark (Below) just answered the question. Anyone who owns shares outstanding can have their shares loaned out. But, I also believe you have the option to recall them or tell your broker, thanks, but no thanks. I don’t believe you gain anything by the brokerages loaning out shares they have. It’s just a way to bring in fees from account holders.

  1. It’s my understanding that brokerages loan shares from owners like you and me and charge them interest. Personally, I resent the fact they are using my shares and making money, which they don’t pass on to me! I have wondered if putting in an order to sell at a high price would prevent them to loaning out my shares?
    I hate what is going on with this sector but hang onto the idea that I will come out ahead if I am patient. SERENITY NOW!

    1. Yes, Mark… that is how it works. Short sellers are charged interest so, the trade really has to work out in order for the short seller to be profitable. The fact that these stocks simply are not going above their high-water mark from previous levels is keeping new buyers from coming in. And, the shorts are going in on this.

  2. seems like a scam to cause your customer to not be able to fairly profit in an investment so they can,  if a brokerage is actually using your shares, not theirs. how this can be legal is beyond me. And why wouldnt the companies themselves object when their stock prices are being suppressed.    😟    Still feeling duped.

  3. In the long term the market will prevail. When some good news for the company or the cannabis sector is of significant magnitude to bring in a bunch of buyers of the company stock, the short sellers will be required to add cash to their accounts or “cover” the short positions at the higher price. With high short interest like NOW it can result in panic buying and these foolish people can become like hogs to the trough bidding the share price to sometimes astronomical levels like the market saw with GameStop, AMC theaters, and some other companies earlier this year (and a few cannabis companies for a short time).

    I am pleased to add shares at these low prices, and I view the inappropriate high short interest in certain undervalued stocks as a very bullish signal with fun and fireworks to come. Just my humble opinion.

    Good investing to all you long cannabis investors!

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