2 thoughts on “YouTube Video Analysis: My 2022 stock market prediction: Stock Market Will Soar in 2022 to new highs and I show you why

  1. Hey, you often mention that the forward P/E ratio for the S&P 500 is 40x. You’ve also mentioned the average EBITDA margin for the S&P 500.  What website can I go to to find those sort of metrics on the S&P 500.  Doing some google searches I found some sources saying the forward P/E was 20-30x and the trailing is 30-40x.  Also, I’m wondering if it would make more sense to compare cannabis stocks to the Russell 2000 since they are small caps. I don’t know how much different the S&P 500 would be to the Russell 2000, but it’s just something to consider.

    1. @josephmindergmail-com 

      Here are a couple of sites I look at regularly for these kinds of metrics:

      These are sort of go-to sites for me.  I do not break down these data points individually since I already have enough data I have to work on every day.  

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