Cannabis Stocks Ranked – Most Efficient

Here is the Q3 list of Most Efficient Cannabis companies measured by Total Operating Costs versus revenues.  This is an important metric as it tells how much SG&A costs relative to total revenue.  Companies within 30% – 35% are very efficient.  Those below are even better than the better-performing companies.

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2 thoughts on “Cannabis Stocks Ranked – Most Efficient

  1. Been looking at Hygrovest , Australia mmjjf if you get a chance check it out I think good potential haven’t ran metrics. And THANK YOU, YOU ROCK MY MAN !!!SHOUT OUT FOR H.D. when this sector launches too the 🌙 moon I will buy all your beer. I’m in Missouri good to listen to like minded people and love your videos

    1. Thanks for the shout-out Jonathon.  I had these guys in my original list.  But, they are largely an investment company of sorts that targets cannabis acquisitions.  I honestly couldn’t really decide what to do with them since they weren’t hands on like I try and focus on.  I’ve got 108 active stocks on here.  I’m busy enough.  I tried to limit things.  I’ll sift through some of their information.  

      Maybe I will put a Forum Thread dedicated to just them up here?

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