Cannabis Stocks Ranked – Price/Revenue Ratio

Here is a listing of the price to revenue ratio of all cannabis stocks.  But, there is a slight twist in this in that on the end column, I added another ratio within this ratio.  The extra ratio compares what you are paying versus the revenue you are receiving on a per share basis.  In the final column, you want to find the largest amount of revenue you can get for the lowest amount of price.  This final column shows you how to put this together.

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4 thoughts on “Cannabis Stocks Ranked – Price/Revenue Ratio

  1. Great Spreadsheet But it didn’t download on the website correctly (numbers or names etc ) 
    Don’t thinks it’s because I have and android   I think its’s the website
    Please advise  Thanks DH

  2. I fixed it I have my screen in Dark mode and it doesn’t show unless it’s in Light mode
    Posted incase anyone else had the same problem with viewing

    1. Yes… I actually have a small list of things that need to be done by someone who has CSS capabilities. That is one of them. Dark mode does not work with the spreadsheets. No idea why. Changing this is also why I shifted the colors on the Forum. Since I switched up the format of the website there have been a couple of things that I need to have fixed that are beyond me. I’m trying to get a list so I can get it all done at once.

  3. No Sweat on this one just let subscribers know to switch to light mode on charts no biggie take 1 second
    Keep up the good work that you doing
    “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

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