Cannara BioTech LOVFF Stock Forecast & Analysis

I looked at Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock a couple of months ago, and not much has occurred since then.  This is both good news and bad news, I would suppose.  Nonetheless, there is a lot of momentum in cannabis investing right now, and I wanted to look at the more profitable cannabis companies.  I wanted to put together the LOVFF Stock forecast and get ready for potentially big moves.  First, Cannara Biotech missed profitability this quarter but, it had more to do with one-off write-offs on product than missing the mark.

Cannara Biotech has the third largest square footage of facility space in Canada giving them the potential to produce considerable amounts of product.  This gives them a great deal of upside potential growth.  For now, revenues are a fraction of what is possible. And, Cannara Biotech is already profitable so, with additional product moving through these facilities,

I’m looking for continued increases in revenue.  And, as these increases in revenues add more and more profits to the bottom line, I can see sizeable increase in LOVFF stock in the coming months.

Who Hates Profits?

Cannara Biotech once again has printed solid net earnings profitability.  However, the stock market largely does not pay much attention to Cannara Biotech nor LOVFF stock.  This is a cannabis stock to watch as LOVFF stock is undervalued relative to the broader market.  And, with the company being profitable, this means the stock will move upward from here.

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Find out what others have to say about Cannara Biotech LOVFF stock in the Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock Forum

Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock Forum
Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock Forum CLICK HERE

Visit the Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock Forum

Find out what others have to say about Cannara Biotech LOVFF stock in the Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock Forum

Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock Forum CLICK HERE

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Cannara Biotech Financial Data

Here is a breakdown of Cannara Biotech Q3 financial data.  For a full breakdown of Cannara Biotech LOVFF  stock numbers.

Cannara Biotech Gross Profits

  • Cannara Biotech Revenue

There was a small move downward in gross margins owed to the increase in costs from planting more plants.  But, the future is promising for LOVFF stock as the future sales from this will push gross margins upwards (The costs are being carried now for the future revenue).

I really do not think the market is pricing in the future potential of LOVFF stock when you put this together.  And, with so many positive things happening in the cannabis industry now, this is even more of a reason to be positive on the industry.

Cannara Biotech Operating Profits

  • Cannara Biotech Operating Costs

Operating costs are slightly higher relative to previous quarters.  Still, these costs, relative to the total revenue, will decline on a percentage basis as revenues increase; it is a mathematical equation.  I expect the revenues to hit in 6-9 months and this will have outsized margins compared to earlier margins.  This will make operating efficiencies improve.

Mostly, the companies I look at are hitting approximately 30% – 35% for the better performers.  Cannara Biotech is close to that number and likely to hit that soon.  If gross margins also improve, something I believe is a given considering the future revenues and sales from the new crop, operating efficiencies are going to improve along with EBTIDA and net earnings.

Cannara Biotech EBTIDA & Net Profits

  • Cannara Biotech EBITDA

Having to plant new plants, and other smaller write-offs, affected gross margins and net earnings.  But, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet; building a company is not an event, it is a process.  What is planted today will be sold tomorrow.  Revenues and profits will come from those future sales.  So, in about 6-9 months, the fruits… or, in this case, the buds & flowers, will add to the bottom line.  I think this is where the market is asleep with Cannara Biotech.

As for LOVFF stock forecast, I can see how the future earnings and revenues will add in to the bottom line.  I think LOVFF stock is about appropriately where it should be considering its current eanrings.  But, the future is bigger.  So, shouldn’t LOVFF stock be moving higher?  I believe so.

Cannara Biotech Cash On Hand

  • Cannara Biotech Cash On Hand

Mostly, Cannara Biotech is profitable despite its size and under-utilization of the facilities.  But, Cannara Biotech is going to grow into its future potential.  For now, Cannara Biotech is net earnings positive. This will continually add to its coffers.  At the same time, Cannara Biotech also has a low amount of debt and the cash/debt ratio is strong.

Cannara Biotech Total Equity

  • Cannara Biotech Total Assets

If you are looking to find out if management is dedicated to increasing shareholder value, this is a good place to start.  Increasing equity is what is necessary to build the future of revenue.  Assets are what is necessary to increase and sustain revenues.  The moves upward in equity are promising and if management continues in this broader trend investors will see gains in LOVFF stock.

The future inventory from the new plantings will start to show up in future financial releases.  Look for moves higher here as assets are utilized more and more and Cannara Biotech management continues to grow and expand the company.  I see a lot of reasons why LOVFF Stock will move higher, and this is another.

Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock Forecast

Cannara Biotech DCF

Cannara Biotech 3rd largest Canadian Cannabis Producer LOVFF Stock Forecast Is LOVFF Stock a good investment
From: Cannara Biotech Investor Deck

From a size perspective, you can see that Cannara Biotech is very big.  Quebec province is the second largest province in Canada and is underserved relative to other provinces.  Cannara Biotech has the ability to expand into the province and grow significantly.  Plus, with the recent planting of a new wave of product, revenues will begin to show up in the financial reports.


Is Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock A Good Investment?

Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock Chart 9AUG22

With a small amount of grow space working to start, Cannara Biotech has already achieved net earnings profitability.  The recent planting of a new wave of product will hit stores within 4-6 months’ time.  That revenue should start to show up in about 2-3 quarters.  Although the costs are already carried in this quarter, when the revenues and profits hit, these will be outsized relative to current revenue.  If you factor in profitability at this point, as well as future outsized margins for these new products, Cannara Biotech is positioned to be even more profitable.  It is because of this, I see big upside potential.

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Cannara Biotech Financial Data

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2 thoughts on “Cannara BioTech LOVFF Stock Forecast & Analysis

  1. I started adding a position to these folks. They sound like they pretty much will strongarm the Quebec market and with it barely tapped, I don’t see how the stock price doesn’t rise significantly in the next five years. Now the question is, how far can the stock rise in price in the coming years. Feels like a solid long-term investment to me!

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