Stock to Watch 2022 Khiron Life Sciences KHRNF Stock Ready to Launch

For Khiron Life Sciences, KHRNF Stock, there are two new things that are positive for this company: the country of Colombia has switched to paying 100% of medical cannabis and have made it far easier for patients to get scrips, and second: Germany cannabis legalization.  Khiron Life Sciences is poised to do very well from both of these changes.  Khiron is already the biggest player in Colombia.  And, their conversion & retention rate for new patients is providing the company with double-digit increases monthly. As for Germany, this is one of the biggest news events in cannabis in a long time.  There are 84.2M people in Germany and cannabis legalization will be bigger here than in any one state in the United State (California only has 39M population) as well as Canada (Only 35M population).  Plus, once Germany goes full cannabis legalization in 2022, other countries are very likely to follow.  With Khiron poised to move into Europe & UK, this first-to-market company will perform solidly.

Unrivaled Brands UNRV stock ready for expansion and growth

I have been bullish on Unrivaled Brands UNRV stock because of the future plans of the company; their successful merge they are in the process of completing, and their solid products. As it turns out, so is the broader stock market; UNRV stock is one of the few cannabis stocks that is more consistently heading higher. I analyzed the stock previously and I called for a move of the stock up to approximately $2.00 and at this stage I can continue to see that move of UNRV stock upwards. For now, the discounted cash flow projections give us an idea that UNRV stock should be double its current price with an eventual, and gradual increase upwards to over $2.00. Looking at the various points of interest of the latest financial earnings you can see that this stock is moving upwards as it should - despite all other cannabis stocks languishing.

4Front Ventures FFNTF Stock is Ready For Expansion

4Front Ventures FFNTF stock is about where it needs to be to start a long journey upwards. After significant delays, the LA County Fire Department, being ultra-risk adverse, finally gave the nod for 4Front to occupy its new processing facility. Now, 4Front can execute its plan in California. At the same time, keep in mind, 4Front is the #1 producer of flower in the state of Washington and have the #1 selling edible in the same. Their goal is simple: Take the success to other states. 4Front is now open for business in California while building capacity in Mass & Illinois. The cookie-cutter approach to growth should play handily for such an undervalued marijuana stock. Given the four states 4Front will be producing & selling cannabis in, the production possibility is guided for $650M in potential revenue and $250M in EBITDA; that is ~38% of revenue which is excellent.

Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock Moves to $60 And I Show Why

Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock is one of the marquee cannabis stocks. At some $6B, they are one of the largest with revenues in the hundreds of millions per quarter. While Green Thumb Industries continues to build up its footprint at a solid pace, certain margins are slightly behind. But, by no means is this a slight. Management will certainly get the company there. In fact, for those that are savvy to understand how margins work then, you may also be able to see increased potential in earnings from current revenue. But, current revenue is going to continue to grow as Green Thumb continues to expand its footprint. And, if margins continually advance simultaneously, this becomes a powerful engine for profit growth. With that, Green Thumb Industries GTBIF stock will continue to advance. I will speak about margins in the various sections.

Cannara Biotech LOVFF Stock with Big Upside Potential of 10x

Cannara Biotech, LOVFF stock, has been on my radar for a moment.  They have been hitting my Top 10 videos here and there, and I have taken notice.  The two questions I have are: Is the revenue growth sustainable and potentially continuous? And, would this translate into a solidly performing cannabis stock?  I wonder if Cannara Biotech is an undervalued marijuana stock to buy now?Cannara Biotech is an undervalued marijuana stock to buy now? There was a substantial gain in revenues that really pushed Cannara Biotech LOVFF stock into the limelight.  This was driven by the full-quarter revenue gains for their newly opened dispensary.  Also, Cannara Biotech is expanding into a new 1M  sq. ft. facility that will help them expand offerings and, this will be beneficial long term.  As Cannara Biotech grows its offerings, this will allow for them to control costs.  Eventually, the current costs will be outsized by future revenues.  This makes for a long term investment with a big-picture outlook. Another plus over the past quarter was a refinancing of credit facility that dropped interest costs from 13% down to a much more manageable 4%.  If a lender is going to drop interest rates for lending a company money this shows that there are a lot of positive aspects of the company’s future potential.

Harborside HBORF Stock Upside Potential For Long Term Investors

Harborside HBORF stock is a fully vertical cannabis company in the Bay Area, California, as well as having a dispensary up in Oregon.  There are six total dispensaries; 3 fully owned, 1 fully managed, 1 with a total of 21% ownership; all in California, as well as the Oregon dispensary.  At the beginning of the year, Harborside guided that they would be printing about $65M - $75M in revenue.  They just recently put in their MD&A that they will miss this.  Given what they have printed, they are looking like they might get luck to hit $55M - $65M.  Also, Harborside is looking to divest Oregon and focus entirely on California.  That is a good idea, if you ask me as this is the biggest single market in the United States, even bigger than the entire country of Canada.  Also, there is a dispensary that Harborside is moving to a different location.  By doing this, Harborside will be able to better serve the area and, there will be cost savings.  For now, it does not appear that the State of California is issuing any new dispensary licenses.  This could be both an advantage and disadvantage simultaneously. For now, focusing on cost savings, bringing the core business into a collective sovereignty, will better position Harborside moving forward. I wanted to break down what there is now for the company but, looking forward is going to be difficult since we do not have the numbers for splitting out the company.  Nonetheless, this is a decent starting point for keeping an eye on Harborside.

Auxly Cannabis CBWTF Stock Profits and Reasons To Buy

Auxly Cannabis CBWTF stock is in that middle area where they are performing very well yet are still falling short in other areas.  This may present a solid opportunity.  They are the #6 stated cannabis producer in Canada.  Auxly Cannabis states their goal is to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 7% - 9% Canadian producer by year's end.  That would push revenues above $20M and, that is an interesting trajectory.  If Auxly can increase revenues at that pace then metrics will improve significantly, making Auxly an interesting acquisition. Simultaneously, Auxly has a strategic partnership with Sundial Growers, SNDL Stock, which that could become another interesting development.  Sundial, of course, recently finished the Inner Spirit Holdings acquisition giving them about 100 dispensaries to work with.  More recently, Sundial just announced another acquisition where they are picking up an alcohol distribution company that also has 62% ownership of a company that holds 62 dispensaries.  One of the key focuses for management is to get to the 7% - 9% threshold of total market size.  Given the size of Sundial's new reach, it would seem an obvious extension that Auxly explores more deeply the relationship with Sundial and expand offerings in these dispensaries.  I am interested in how this may play out.