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4Front Ventures FFNTF Stock is Ready For Expansion

D. H. Taylor
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4Front Ventures FFNTF stock is about where it needs to be to start a long journey upwards. After significant delays, the LA County Fire Department, being ultra-risk adverse, finally gave the nod for 4Front to occupy its new processing facility. Now, 4Front can execute its plan in California.

At the same time, keep in mind, 4Front is the #1 producer of flower in the state of Washington and have the #1 selling edible in the same. Their goal is simple: Take the success to other states. 4Front is now open for business in California while building capacity in Mass & Illinois. The cookie-cutter approach to growth should play handily for such an undervalued marijuana stock.

Given the four states 4Front will be producing & selling cannabis in, the production possibility is guided for $650M in potential revenue and $250M in EBITDA; that is ~38% of revenue which is excellent.


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