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4Front Ventures FFNTF Stock With Guidance is Major Growth Story

D. H. Taylor
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4Front Ventures FFNTF Stock hit my radar a while back.  I've covered them before but, now that I have my own place in the internet world I wanted to cover them again; they have just printed annual numbers as well as future projections.  There was a solid revenue increase.  More importantly, there are expectations in the form of guidance for far more significant revenue increases.  Unlike other cannabis stocks, 4Front FFNTF Stock feels confident enough to not only project into the next year but, also provided total guidance of its capabilities for its current capabilities.  I will look into both.

4Front started up in Washington State and has built up a solid business.  In fact, they produce the best-selling edible in Washington State as well as the #2 flower product.  Washington State is a highly competitive cannabis state so, that is a solid place.  Now, they are taking what they have learned and pushing that to new markets with a focus on Illinois and California.  Both of these states are growing rapidly.

The theory from management is cost controls and production on the lowest-cost basis.  If all cannabis stocks were this way investing in these companies would be much easier.  When I first heard that concept I was leery of low-quality cannabis.  This notion gets immediately dismissed when you are reminded of their ranking with their edibles: #1 spot.  And, wait until you see the number they printed on gross margins.  Now, they are replicating the exact same methodology in all of the other areas they are moving into.

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