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I am almost all in on cannabis stocks.  I was curious if you buy anything besides cannabis or if you ever plan to buy anything besides cannabis. I'm also wondering what you invested in before you got into cannabis. I know an s&p 500 or nasdaq index fund would provide a lot of exposure to tech which is another long-term story and generally provide some diversification.

D. H. Taylor January 4, 2022 9:20 am

Thanks for this... for me, I cut my teeth in FX and am a constant trader. I've been in the markets actively since 1990 and it has been my full-time profession/job since then, although I have done different things.
What I do now is mostly delta-neutral trading options on crypto. This works for me since I am interested in lots and lots of up-and-down movement. Ultimately, I do not believe that crypto will go anywhere, really. There are two economic principles that will prevent success in crypto (I am first, and foremost a macro-economist and mathematician).
I just posted a video and am putting together a series of videos evaluating the economy and how that plays into the stock market. I believe we will continue to see up moves in the S&P 500. But, I'm not trading that.
Instead, I'm going to cash out in a couple of years and buy myself a handful of condos down in Puerto Vallarta, MX, and want to run AirBnBs there.
The short is, look for continued price movement upwards in the S&P 500; I am covering this over the coming year. Stay long cannabis because it will get there and, ultimately, it will be huge. Don't look for solid gains higher in crypto, it's all going to go kerplunk one day.
But, I am not getting into anything longterm to buy/hold. Real estate looks set to do very well over the years and that is why I am moving to a vacation paradise and going to do AirBnBs for cash flow and capital appreciation; best of both worlds.

D. H. Taylor January 4, 2022 9:24 am

@josephmindergmail-com I made this a sticky so it stays up on top. Think others could benefit from this and it should stay up top for a bit (Until something else comes along).

Joseph Minder Topic starter January 14, 2022 7:26 pm

I agree cash flowing real estate is a great game to be in, and crypto has no real value. It actually comes as a huge surprise that you aren't investing in cannabis.

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