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AYR Wellness versus Verano Holdings


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DH: Would you sell AYR to buy Verano?

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@rtimothyobrienhotmail-com Excellent question.  

Mr. Market gives an investor the opportunity tan answer that question ever day.  If you were given a lump sum of cash to invest today, which stock would you pick to drop that money into?  If you put 100% into Verano, then ask yourself why you would still be holding AYR after today.  

Your investment in AYR right now is that lump sum.  

Personally, I think AYR is a solid company but, Verano outperforms them.  Without any emotional investment, VRNOF wins all day. But, factoring in that you’ve made decisions and are emotionally involved, that makes things more difficult.  

If you are just looking at numbers, don’t care how you earn the money, VRNOF wins all day.  

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