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Do you have long positions in any cannabis stocks? if so, which ones?


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Hi D.H.

Do you own any cannabis stocks? If so, which ones?

Do you own shares of your top picks?

I think these are fair questions.

If you have "skin in the game" so to speak versus, just a theory or thesis, is something your subscribers might want to know.  I know I sure do.

Your main thesis seems to be this is a once in a generation or lifetime opportunity. I agree with that.

I totally agree with your thesis/theories and value investing, bigtime!!!! Your like the Pope of  cannabis value investing. I say that as a compliment!

I removed the rest of this post because someone thought I was D.H.




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Thanks for sharing D.H. 

I was not aware of any TCNNF execs dumping shares.  I saw several SEC filings from TCNNF that informed us that several execs bought TCNNF shares at prices higher than now.  Last year on one occasion, CEO Kim Rivers bought $1 Million worth on the open market in the mid $30's per share.

I suppose someone needed to buy a house or something.

I am not D.H. I asked D.H. Taylor a question.
I removed some of my post because it takes away from my question to D.H.
You can post all you want Ricky!
If you want my opinion on TCNNF about insider sentient in that company, post on the TCNNF board. Insider sentiment can be complicated.
FYI: I like TCNNF.


@cannabis-investing I hold all of my Top Picks as longterm positions.  I have skin in the game across the board.  You will recall from my coming back from South America that I started investing again back in August, September, October & November heavily (I wrote about this heavily while contributing to SA). Most of my positions are entered below today’s prices.  Honestly, it was perfect timing.  But, I also see today’s prices being heavily undervalued to the longterm potential so, investors looking to get in now.  

Thank you D.H.
That is good to know, because I did not know that you had long positions in your top picks. I assumed you did, but this is good clarification.



You can to see who’s buying what from the inside.  This is a site I go to from time-to-time.  

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