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I currently have a boat load of tlry, sndl, clvr, kgkg, dbccf, hcanf, cbwtf, yourf, maps and bhngf as my core holdings in the investment account.  I've recently added potx, mj, mjus, toke and thcx to my portfolio.  I included the etf's that I thought would cover the whole gamut of pot stocks.


Do think etf's are a wise move and what are your thoughts on my list?


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Hi Gary...

ETFs serve a great purpose to get into a sector.  It is sort of a mutual fund of cannabis stocks, if you will.  But, you get the good, bad, and ugly with them.  

Something that I do not like is that ETFs are often padded with stocks that are not really cannabis stocks.  For instance, IIPR is in MSOS.  IIPR is a REIT.  REITs get all of their income from real estate.  But, this particular real estate ETF is in the cannabis sub-sector.  So, you do not get the rapid revenue growth potential that you would out of a cannabis pure-play.  Does that mean that IIPR is not a good investment?  I just looked at IIPR. They are solid.  They outperform the Dow REIT.  But, the revenue growth will not keep up with the cannabis sector.  So, that is the trade off.  

For me, you can easily outperform the ETFs if you get picky and comb through cannabis stocks.  Still, getting in to ETFs will present the opportunity for a consistent push upward from the cannabis sector.  

You may want to check out My Top Picks - The Best Cannabis Stocks.  I have worked through all 110 cannabis stocks pure-plays.  I think these cannabis companies will outperform the rest.  Or... get acquired which, my Top Picks keep getting picked off (I've had about 6 get acquired so far in 1 year's time).


@gosborne403outlook-com Any reason you don't have any MSOS in your bag? That's been the most popular ETF for folks focused on US markets.

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