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Hey DH. This new , news seems to be exactly why investors are not confident in the MJ sector. I know “it’s a process”. I personally am confident in the long run. But in the short/mid term….this hits the sector sentiment pretty hard. So my question is, do you think safe plus could end up a stand alone bill rather then attached to something else? Maybe that is the direction….just curious your opinion.

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Thing is, SAFE would be something that is an absolute must.  That is why Schumer keeps stripping it out of other things.  He wants to use SAFE as a stand-alone.  Banking is a must.  This is a $30B dollar a year business that is ALL CASH.  The Feds hate cash businesses and that is something both sides of the aisle can agree upon.  So, if they have banking then, they can attach other things.  

We are awaiting Schumer to do his thing prior to the August recess of Congress.  They will drop something before then.  

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