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Harborside revisited


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October 29, 2021 you featured Harborside on your U-Tube video. 

Harborside stock price was 80 cents.  The current price is 42 cents. 

Harborside just made an acquisition that will double their revenue.

Is this the right time to take a position in Harborside?

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Thanks for reaching out here.  I love Harborside for a few reasons.  But, I always mention my bias being NorCal.  These guys have are in the process of moving one of their dispensaries and that should prove to be positive there.  The doubling of the revenue from an acquisition will add to revenue, yes.  But, they also stretched out their share count so, it’s not pure gravy.  Still, the foundation is solid.  They still have a few moves to go before they hit EBITDA profitable.  If you can look to the future that this is an important company that will continually add revenue with the eventuality of hitting EBITDA profitability and then net earnings positive, there will be solid moves upwards in the stock.  We are still early in the game for a lot of these players.  But, I think the price may have dropped a bit too much from the last time I looked at them.  That may be an opportunity for a longterm position.  I like them.  I think they will do well over a longterm basis.  This could be a solid time to get in.  

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