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High Tide

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Hey DH! I am curious your thoughts on HITI recent Q. In my opinion revenue was great, but the cash on hand does scare me a little. I know they are growing, I get it. Just dont want to see them do an offering for more shares....but I also know they have another NDF in the pipeline. As you know market sentiment is everything right now and investors seem picky with their picks. Just wondering your thoughts, thank you!

My current cannabis holdings, High Tide, Verano, C21 and Halo 😀

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I certainly liked the revenue increase.  But, and as you have pointed out, there are other thing going on.

Management is top-notch with this cannabis stock, High Tide.  I have no doubts and with smaller companies still building big foundations, you are going to have bumps like this.  But, if you average them out, and keep a perspective of many years into the future, High Tide HITI stock is a huge asset to be holding on to.  

I am working through every single company this quarter to finally get content onto the site for some of these smaller companies. S o, I have not rushed to be hitting these bigger name companies.  I will get to them soon.  I think I already sent over the info to Karolina to have her put together the full data and presentation so, it will happen fairly soon.  And, because it is High Tide, an accompanying video.  

I will look more deeply into the numbers when I do the analysis.  

Anthon Anthon 22/06/2022 10:19 pm

@dhtaylor Profit margins down, always looking for cash. I prefer Lowell Farms

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With starting white label products, it is said to help increase margins going forward. Think great value from Walmart, or Kirkland at costco…..should help tremendously 

D. H. Taylor D. H. Taylor 24/06/2022 3:32 am

@bradclarke80gmail-com Just for clarification, Brad... White Label and Private Label are a bit different. Private Label would be a company such as Kroger, or Walmart, or Costco putting out something that they label themselves. But, they have someone else manufacture it. All of those companies do not do any manufacturing. But, when you have a grocery store, you are selling all sorts of brand names. Why not use a White Label manufacturer to create a Private Label for you? For instance, if there is a big manufacturer of cannabis another company could have them use some of their materials to produce a product for them. The manufacturing company would be a White Label manufacturer. They produce, bottle, and ship the product. The original company is nothing more than a marketing company.

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