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Is this true? MRMDQ3 EBIDTA/rev 22% and SLGWF is 41.3%

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Hi D.H.

 MRMDQ3 EBIDTA/rev 22% and SLGWF is 41.3%.

Is that correct?

FYI, I like MRMD and am loaded up on it.

I think the book value of Slang has to be more than 5 cents?

I have a small position in slang and added shares at 5 cents today, which is the 52 week low, as I type.

If it continues down, I am trying to decide if I want to add in small bites.

I Like MRMD much better, but I think somebody might scoop up Slang.




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@cannabis-investing on an unadjusted basis, yes.  They only earned about $7M EBITDA over the $30M revenue.  

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