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Jushi versus MCCI


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Mr. Taylor:

I am interested in your thoughts about the two following stocks I have in my portfolio. 

I own Five times the number of Jushi shares (APPS $5.42) compared to MCCI (APPS $2.98).  Given your future projection of value for these Two stocks, do you advise to liquidate a portion of Jushi at a lost to purchase MCCI?

Thank you for your consideration.

@rtimothyobrienhotmail-com The main thing is that ALL of the cannabis stocks are down relative to their potential. A lot of investors have rushed in and have been sitting around waiting, and waiting. So, if you slid money from one stock to another, you would be swapping potential. My question is: Are you uncomfortable with the longterm outlook of Jushi?
BTW, are you referring to IMCC versus MCCI? I will assume so.
Given that, this is a tough call. Maybe if you diversified 1/5 more into IMCC then that diversifies your portfolio a bit. At the same time, if you picked another stock and slid another 1/5 into that then you are even more diversified. Just remember, no matter which cannabis stock you choose to diversify into, it is likely equally undervalued relative to other stocks. So, there is a measure of safety/comfort there.

DH: I am talking about IMCC. I transformed the letters. I have Jushi at $32.50 in five years from a Deep Dive at NICI. Your future projection of IMCC I believe was $70.00. I have 27,000 shares of Jushi and 6750 shares of IMCC. This was the basis of my question. Should I rebalance?

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