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Lowell Farms

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Is Lowell Farms still a buy, i havent kept up to see if there is a change in consensus on it,  while the stock price is pretty low if there is value moving forward.

D. H. Taylor January 31, 2023 9:24 am

@gtosali1967 Lowell is in the process of being bought, if that is how I read their latest moves. I have always said they would be a buyout target. You need dispensaries. They do not have any. But, they do have a very high-quality product and people in the industry know that. Their sales do well once they get on the shelves. What they are doing now is searching out a strategic partnership. They will fold in to a bigger operation - or, several, and lock in with deals across the nation.
Also, there is a big chance that the barriers to interstate commerce are about to fall. California regulators are making moves to allow their cannabis companies operating inside the state to sell its products outside of the state. I have repeatedly stated that this is absolutely legal and that state laws that shun this are unconstitutional. So, this process would allow Lowell to really be able to expand with nothing more than a postage stamp. This is a long game company to hold.

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If you happen to be speaking technically, we collectively have so many trading models, isn't it only your own that count?  For example, I was a sector seller since December, but did some buying last week. Lowell essentially seems as good as most any in the sector, but as the AYRWF example points out so well, the sector itself is so out of disfavor not even cash on the table is attracting attention.

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