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My Fidelity acct today put up a RED Alert on SNDL today 

Would appreciate yours and others feedback, 

I know why but , How are they SNDL handling this ?

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@jeffspahn2011gmail-com Thanks for this.  Yeah... sub $1.00 hurts and it's a deal-breaker for NASDAQ.  

SNDL has cash of about $600M with total equity of about $1.1B.  Market cap is about the same.  Market cap should be nearly double, if not much, much higher.  Assets are going to change once we start seeing the newer Inner Spirit numbers show up.  

Honestly, I have barely wavered at the stock price movement over the past few months.  This, to me, represents one of the greatest investment opportunities ever in the industry.  Those that are capable of seeing this and are loading up as much as they can, will do spectacular over the longterm.  Unfortunately, however, a lot of other investors who got in earlier and seeing their portfolio erode are as uncomfortable as someone sitting in a pot of boiling water.  I get it.  But, if you can cut through that, look way down the road, you'll see the potential in these stocks.  Remember, Warren Buffett has made a name, career, and vast fortune buying out-of-favor stocks and holding longterm.  

As for SNDL, what are they likely to do?  They likely have no idea what to do, honestly, simply because price action is defying logic.  Still, they could take their cash and start acquiring their own stock simply because their stock is well below where it should be.  But, why not acquire other companies with that cash and build a massive foundation that is a cash machine for investors?  

They've stepped in and bought stock, they could do it again.  I say: No.  Acquire more companies on the discount.  Look to the longterm.  

Jeff Spahn Jeff Spahn January 7, 2022 4:30 pm

@dhtaylor Thank you for your response pretty much knew what your thoughts were, only concern I had would be Halting to stock that it would not be able to liquidate any long term position. as always
Appreciate your well advised commentary

D. H. Taylor D. H. Taylor January 8, 2022 9:19 am

I could be wrong, but if they do halt these shares, I think the brokerage would not allow anyone to initiate a new position but, would be able to exit. Not precisely certain exactly. But, you would not be forced to hold onto something like that simply because an exchange has obligations as well.
Others may be able to chime in on that, including @cannabis-investing who may know that particular detail.

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