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Would you give KGKG a specultive buy rating ?


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Hi D.H.

I know your too busy to do a deep dive on a sub penny stock, but just checking to see if you have an pinion on this one?

I think KGKG needs to partner with a cannabis company in Florida and develop a THC infused beverage, and license it out all over. KGKG is in Florida. I have mentioned this  to KGKG, and some cannabis companies too.

I think THC infused beverages will replace alcohol to some extent over the next few decades.

Whoever is first to license quality THC infused beverage products all over the world, I think will do well. IMHO Germany comes to mind. Lots of fat Germans,that could ease up on the beer, chill with some THC infused beverage and get some exercise.

Bevcanna and ETRGF, are a couple others already into THC infused beverages, and you introduced those as well to your subscribers. Thank you!





@cannabis-investing So, right now I'm working on a few things for the site.

My goals are set for the first five months of this year; the first 150 days. Basically, I see a lot of things happening in these first five months and I am trying to divide up my attention to maximize what I think may happen during this period of time. This breaks down to about 20 weeks total and I am focusing on a specific amount of content during that time.
First, I am going to do 1 big Deep Dive per week on a new company and, KGKG stock is on that list of things to do. Most likely, these articles are going to be done on Wednesday. (Tomorrow, I am doing BMMJ, Body & Mind and next week AAWH). When possible, I will do a DCF on these smaller companies if I can substantiate the future of a company.
On Mondays, I'm likely to do an article & video on something different like my Top 10 videos or, and this is what I will do for this coming week: Beat the Market: Probabilities & Trading.
Tuesdays & Thursdays I am working on doing Discounted Cash Flow statements and stock forecasts for the bigger players (I am doing Tilray today). Along with the big dive-in for the medium/smaller stocks, this means I'll put together some 50 stock forecasts in the coming weeks.
On Fridays, I will continue with my economic data and summarize the economy and S&P 500.
So, I do have a big schedule every week, or at least I have big intentions. My goals are to do about 100 videos during these 20 weeks in preparation that I also believe the Feds will finally get there, that Germany is going to be a big deal, and a lot of stocks start transitioning to NASDAQ which, that will put a lid on Canadian short sellers.
I'll get to KGKG at some point, that is a certainty. No idea when, though.

Thanks, and WOW!

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