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[Sticky] Aurora Cannabis ACB Stock Forecast & Analysis

D. H. Taylor
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Aurora Cannabis ACB stock was once the absolute darling of cannabis investments.  ACB Stock forecast at the time was straight through to the moon.  Realistically, however, too many big companies thought they could all build enormous facilities and sell low-cost cannabis all through Canada.  The wholesale cannabis market completely collapsed in Canada.  Aurora Cannabis boarded up facilities and downsized as best they could.  This is when many of the biggest companies realized that consumers were only interested in premium branded products, that the market could only bear so much inventory, and the business models were unsustainable.

That was over two years ago, and still, Aurora Cannabis has yet to get to the level necessary to sustain itself. Margins are still not even close to be able to compete against some of the biggest companies.  This is not to say that eventually, Aurora Cannabis will go bankrupt as much as it is to say they simply have far more work to do.

Latest video on Aurora dated April 2021:

I have not updated a video on Aurora in some time.  When the company progresses forward, I will update a video on them.

Here is the last video analysis:

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