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Will Aurora Cannabis ACB Stock go bust or go up?

D. H. Taylor
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Aurora Cannabis ACB stock is a very popular stock, especially with day traders.  But, is it a good long-term investment?  And, by consequence, for the day traders, would it be risky to trade ACB stock?  I've been following Aurora Cannabis stock ACB for a number of years.  They were once the darling of the cannabis world.  They have automated facilities that move entire platforms loaded with cannabis to other rooms so no one ever actually walks into the grow facility.  This minimizes the chances of a human bringing in bacteria that could harm, infect, infest, or kill off the cannabis plants.  Aurora Cannabis has facilities that reap the benefits of some of the sunny cities in all of Canada by using solar panels.  These panels provide enough power to keep minimize costs for growing cannabis.  Electrical power is one of the biggest costs.


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