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Building position for long term hold and trade

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I don't give investment advice. It's not my thing.

I happen to really like Audacious. I think the CEO knows how to create a Multi Billion dollar company in cannabis sector, because, he has done it before.

He lays out how different it was then, as compared to now in an easy way to understand. He is heavily invested in it and I think he even loaned them money.

This is a speculative long term investment for me, but I might add a bit more for a trade if I can round up some money.

If this company accomplishes what I think it can and hope it will, it could be one of my best holdings. That's a lot of "if's", and "could's", which makes it speculative.

The CEO seems to want to make it a multi Billion dollar company and it's trading under 11 cents a share, and market cap of around $25,0000,000.00.

That's a lot of upside, that some might call a pipe dream, but the CEO has some pretty solid credentials and a pretty good game plan IMHO!!!

Again, I don't give investment advice, and I suggest people get advice from investment professionals, along with a lot of DD.

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  • AUDACIOUS Completes Transaction to Acquire Lo͞oS

-Terry Booth, CEO, is proud to announce that Australis Capital Inc., an emerging global cannabis company with an expanding suite of multinational operations, has completed its acquisition of Lo͞oS, a cannabinoid-infused shot beverage company, based in Santa Cruz, CA.. "We can now go full throttle and significantly ramp up production and marketing initiatives.


-AUDACIOUS CEO Terry Booth is proud to announce that AUDACIOUS has entered into a definitive agreement with Golden Triangle Health on a strategic partnership that marks the company's first foray into the Asian market. GTH is a majority owned subsidiary of Thai public company NRF instant PCL with a market capitalization of C 440 Million.


  • AUDACIOUS To Enter New York Cannabis Market Through Partnership with First Americans of Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

-AUDACIOUS, an emerging global cannabis company with an expanding suite of multinational operations, announced today it has entered into a letter of intent with First Americans, LLC of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in upper New York state for the joint development and operation of a cannabis operation on tribal land. "This is our first move into the New York state.


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