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Auxly Cannabis CBWTF Stock A Cannabis Stock To Watch

D. H. Taylor
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Auxly Cannabis CBWTF stock has hit my radar on a few occasions.  It is a cannabis stock to watch.  There are a few metrics that stand out.  Cannabis 2.0 in Canada accounts for about 20% of total cannabis sales.  And, from the Investor Presentation, Auxly states they are selling about 14% of total cannabis 2.0. Seems a bit much, but the numbers mostly jive (I'll dig in to that).  Auxly is in partnership with Inner Spirit (Amongst others) to distribute its products through the Spiritleaf dispensaries.  There will be about 100 dispensaries throughout Canada.  If Auxly really is accounting for that much of total 2.0 product sales, there should be sizable revenue gains in the coming quarters.

In the meantime, Auxly has printed solid revenue growth and has a few other metrics that are lining up.  There is still some heavy lifting to do.  But, that heavy lifting will likely fall into line once revenues increase.  This will be driven by economies of scale and margin revenue increases.  If Auxly can continue to increase its revenues as they are then, its metrics will improve.


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