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99%volume short selling Bhang thursday and 100% Friday. nuts!

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Topic starter  I like that website and it has link to, and you can switch back and forth to look up otc stocks, and Nasdaq, NYSE stocks.

I think whoever is short selling this stock right now is nuts.

Just in case the chart is cut off this post, Thursday short selling volume of Bhang stock was 99% and Friday 100%.

Historical Short Volume Data for BHNGF
Date Close High Low Volume Short Volume % of Vol Shorted
Nov 12 NA NA NA 25,077 25,077 100.00
Nov 11 NA NA NA 20,271 20,250 99.90
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After this video, with the momentum I'm currently having, and low volumes, these guys just might get crushed.  hahahaha... I'll laugh so hard at that if they get squeezed out.