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BHANG x Blues Brothers Chocolate Bar Review

Matthew Norris
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Joined: 10 months ago
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Wow, both of these flavors look really interesting, though think the Fried Chicken and Cola one sounds delicious.

Very excited about the potential of Bhang, especially with the Trulieve deal.  And the fact they produce high quality chocolate.  Could be a match made in heaven, given the crazy low share price of $ 0.06.

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Matthew thank you for posting this article. 

I am a Great Supporter of Bhang Chocolates.  DH introduced the Company to me in his video and I immediately started accumulating shares.  The members of my stock club have purchased over a Million shares.  

My thanks to DH Taylor!  I appreciate the power of his influence and what he has done to educate investors on this stock. 


D. H. Taylor
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Joined: 2 years ago
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Wait... Matt... are you saying there is a Fried Chicken & Cola flavored THC-infused chocolate bar?  Maybe I may be a little too far out of the product demand mix.  I work with chocolate all the time and am adding them to my coffees I sell soon.  In a million years I would never have thought of going in this direction.  Just sayin!

Timothy... I love this company and, once Trulieve production kicks in full gear, BHNGF stock will light up.  Hopefully, the noise has died down from Eastern Europe and we can get in to pure fundamentals.  

Matthew Norris
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Joined: 10 months ago
Posts: 46
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Yeah, so creative.  The unique aspect is the chocolatier added corn flakes to mimic the crispiness of fried chicken. WOW!  So amazing. Hopefully they have some in Nevada dispensaries as I live in Vegas.

There is a San Diego based chocolate brand (non-cannabis) called CHUAO that makes chocolate with all kinds of "inclusions"-- makes it very texturally interesting. The "firecracker" bars are cool with pop rocks added.


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