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Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Please correct me if I am wrong.

I think whoever is selling this stock short, is almost like betting against Trulieve.

The market cap according to my td ameritrade account for bhang is 9.5M.

The way I see it,, is, if Trulieve believes in bangs products and all the positive analysis of Trulieve, by many respected stock analysts is correct, I would have to be stupid, not to buy some of this on a speculative buy.

I am actually wondering why Trulieve hasn't already purchased Bhang. Maybe they have several other companies providing them products, I don't know. Maybe I should look into that.

How often does chocolate not sell?



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@cannabis-investing I think what we are seeing is indiscriminate selling across the board.  Keep in mind, most people are too lazy to actually do fundamental analysis. Trust me, it is difficult and time consuming.  Most people want to look at charts and think that “the trend is your friend” is the ticket to buying their Porsche.  

Given that, with TCNNF stock falling, someone who has no idea about fundamental analysis, looking for ONLY short term profits, would see Trulieve as a sell.  This “lazy-man’s” approach to analysis is not how, say, Warren Buffett made the greatest fortune of all time by investing long term via studying the fundamentals of a company.  

I’d say that Trulieve wants to become a solid blue chip player in the cannabis sector and the eventuality is that they pick up these bargain players with big upside potential.  It is inexpensive for Trulieve to enter new markets that way instead of having to go through regulatory processes.  Then, they can consolidate different companies and build entire portfolios.  

Most cannot see past today’s price action.  But, you can.  Grab life by the horns, my friend!


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