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Low cost cannabis producer

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Just watched Q2 update for bio harvest sciences and they say they can produce one ton of cannabis for about $120,000.00. If my math is correct that's between .13 and .14 cents per gram at a fraction of the environmental impact of traditional growing methods and without the associated environmental headwinds that traditional cultivators are going to have to face. They are currently in talks with mso's to sell their products in the US

sometime in 2023. There are so many game changing aspects of this company not only in their cannabis but also Vinia and other products. It is a company that has a disruptive technology which tends to scare people away sometimes but IMHO this one has merit and is certainly worth following.

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$50.00 Purchase settlement Fee to purchase stock from Fidelity is going to effect purchases of this low price stock

Being it's a .20 stock


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