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Expect Body and Mind To Keep It’s Foot On The Gas For All Of 2022

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Margarita Perez
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D. H. Taylor
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@ritarocksgmail-com You got a shout-out in my latest video on Khiron for all of the postings you do on this stock.  I'm going to be doing a video and full analysis on BAM next week.... just for you!  Thanks for all of the postings here!


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@dhtaylor Yes I saw the video on Khrnf which I do hold some of but my average is way high.

Yes thank you for the shout out! Bmmj could be a good m&a pick up as well for any company looking to expand in limited license states.  I’m definitely looking forward to your  video on them.  Great job on all the work you do I watch every video! 🙂 

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BMMJ has experienced some interesting insider trading activity, different from what NXGWF experienced, but selling, that I think the market overreacted too.

The selling with BMMJ, was AUSAF, which I also own shares of. I own some shares of BMMJ as well.

I assume AUSAF sold off its shares, to further their own growth opportunities.AUSAF still is the top shareholder of BMMJ.


Top Shareholders

Top 8 shareholders own 13.01% of the company
Ownership Name Shares Current Value Change % Portfolio %  
Australis Capital Inc.
8,206,549 $2.4m -55.02% no data  
SW Fort Apache, LLC
4,486,761 $1.3m 3.26% no data  
Ti Nevada, Llc
1,462,534 $422.3k -28.23% no data  
Robert Hasman
250,000 $72.2k 0% no data  
Dong Hyun Shim
121,792 $35.2k 0% no data  
Darren Tindale
100,000 $28.9k 0% no data  
Michael Mills
97,000 $28.0k 25.97% no data  
Stephen Hoffman
25,000 $7.2k 400% no data  


Margarita Perez
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@cannabis-investing hello I’m aware of AUSAF selling shares but check this out: 

In the new financials, Australis revealed that on Aug. 19, it reached an agreement with Len Clough’s Toro Pacific Management Inc. (TPMI) to sell 9.9 million Body and Mind shares for $2.97-million by Sept. 30, 2021. “The company agreed it would not sell any additional [Body and Mind] shares until after that date and give TPMI the right of first refusal of any subsequent sales for two years until Sept. 30, 2023,” noted Australis. This is music to the ears of beleaguered Body and Mind shareholders. The sale would also push Australis below the 10-per-cent insider threshold, giving it far less influence over Body and Mind’s activities (including a board nomination right above the 10-per-cent threshold).

Margarita Perez
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Joined: 10 months ago
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More insiders buy shares: Shim, Dong Hyun

4 - Director of Issuer
Direct Ownership


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