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C21 Investments CXXIF stock Powers to Profit - Stock to Buy Now

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C21 Investments CXXIF stock is one of my favorite cannabis companies.  C21 Investments is a cannabis company to buy now and here is why.  Over the past year, the state of Nevada was under harshly punitive lockdowns.  During that time C21 saw no revenue growth.  Instead, however, C21 Investments worked on becoming profitable and learning how to make do with what revenue was coming.  EBITDA profits continued to rise quarter over quarter.  The end result is that C21 Investments is far more efficient as a company culturally.    This will go a long way over time.

C21 Investments is poised to grow revenues as the state of Nevada reopens to tourism.  For now, revenues are primarily coming in from local consumers; some 95% of customers are locals.  This is an excellent base to build upon and since the company is already profitable they can only expand from there.  There will be costs associated with targeting consumers. Nonetheless, this model should do well over time as C21 continues to grow.

But, the fact that C21 Investments is EBTIDA profitable and has gained ground on this on flat revenues is impressive.  Plus, the fact that C21 Investments is also net earnings profitable means any new revenues and profits have the ability to trickle to investors.  Even more impressive is the fact that when you look at valuations on C21 Investments CXXIF stock versus the broader market you can see there is significant upside potential.


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