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C21 Investments CXXIF Stock Will See Significant Growth in Nevada

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C21 Investments CXXIF Stock is a cannabis company I like very much; they are one of my Top Picks; one of the best marijuana stocks to buy now.  Although they have operations in Oregon, primary operations are in Nevada.  Metrics on this cannabis company are solid and improving.  But, what I like most about C21 Investments is that as they have a solid and growing footprint in Nevada.  Nevada had very punitive restrictions during COVID.  It is also a huge destination location for tourism and travelers.  With restrictions being lifted, with a solid foundation in place, I believe we will see accelerated growth in revenues.  Along with this, metrics, which are already solid, will only improve from here.  Given this, you can see why this cannabis stock is one of my top picks.

C21 Investments: One of the Top Cannabis Companies

What makes a top cannabis company?  Metrics that are ever-improving in a sector of the economy that is increasing.  This is one of the hallmarks of a great cannabis company, the industry is expanding and so are individual cannabis companies at the same time.

But, with C21 Investments, it is a little bit different.  C21 Investments is in Nevada.  During COVID lockdowns, the state was ultra-punitive with restrictions.  The end result should have been significant declines in revenues for any one company.  In fact, C21 Investments saw very flat numbers for revenue, as any company would.  But, instead of this being a bad thing, C21 Investments took that as a challenge and worked with what they had.

The end result?  With flat revenue increases C21 improved EBITDA profits quarter after quarter.  Management learned how to work within these constraints and improve from where they were.

The culture this will instill moving forward is solid and will help C21 outperform all others in the sector.


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