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Canopy Growth CGC Stock and all that is wrong with it

D. H. Taylor
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I think everyone knows I am not a big fan of Canopy Growth CGC Stock for a multitude of reasons.  There are basically two, though.  First, it is... ahem, or was, the biggest on the complete list of Top 100 Cannabis Companies to get involved in cannabis investing but, never one of the best marijuana stocks to buy.  The thing with Canopy Growth CGC Stock is that they are a sort of one of the go-to cannabis companies.  Canopy Growth garnered a significant amount of headlines when cannabis was first legalized.

Then, Canopy Growth also got a massive injection of capital as an investment from Constellation Brands, a company looking to get into the cannabis industry.  Constellation invested $4B into Canopy.  Because of this, cannabis investing was having its heyday and cannabis companies saw their stocks soar.

Gary Johnson
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Your timing is good.
Today about another half dozen analyst all lowered their price targets.

Gary Osborne
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Do you think Tilray can make it to the 50 dma on this bounce or will it give it up? If it does it will be in overbought territory, per rsi


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