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CLVR reports earnings

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Clever Leaves will be one of the stocks that really takes off over the future.  First, we have cannabis federal legalization that will likely draw in everyone from around the world wanting to get into this.  Then, CLVR stock has good upside potential as it will likely be one of the world's biggest exporters of cannabis.  

For now, market took a mehhh approach to these earnings.  


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Imagine if CURLF bought CLVR shares, or any MSO? HCANF owns over 40% of AKAN that is listed on nasdaq and at the same time halo trades on the OTC!

If HCANF, which trades on the OTC, can still own over 45% of AKAN shares which is listed on the NASDAQ, then why can't CURLF own 40% of CLVR, or any other MSO for that matter(?)

I am sorry for using Halo as an example, but if a successful MSO  Like TCNNF was to basically own over 40% of an international cannabis company like CLVR, I think its worth mentioning that possibility.

I know the AKAN Frankenstein Halo creation is a bad example, but I think it shows something like this has been done, and why aren't MSO's buying shares of these international cannabis companies?  It seems wierd Halo managed to get it done, why can't the  larger MSO's figure that out and get a much better company than AKAN???





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