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Subscriber Question: Deep Dive on Columbia Care?

D. H. Taylor
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I got this question asked of me via an email and thought I would respond on the Forum for all to see (I kept the individual's name anonymous).  

Here is the question:

Hi DH, just found your youtube channel and subscribed! I really enjoy the financial breakdowns. I have been investing in the space for about 3 years and trying to remain patient. Maybe I didnt go down far enough but have you done a deep dive on Columbia Care? Would love to know your thoughts and future guidance. Keep up the great work!

I’ve hit Columbia a couple of times.  Without looking at any notes:
  • Will do solid over many years
  • Not one of my top picks
Just because it is not a top pick does not mean it will not do well.  The whole space, generally, is going to appreciate in value.  But, Columbia may not perform as well as some of the higher-flyers.  Still, it’s a stable company that I think has a lot of potential.  Really, it depends upon what you are looking for in an investment so, difficult for me to judge what angle you are trying to take with them.  



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