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Cresco Labs CRLBF stock potential $33.00 Best for cannabis investing

D. H. Taylor
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If you are looking for an excellent company for cannabis investing, Cresco Labs CRLBF stock is one of the top cannabis companies in the industry and reported solid annual numbers with significant gains YoY.  I wanted to break down the financial data and show how this company's stock CRLBF stock, could be worth a lot more in the future.  Also, I have done an analysis on Bluma Wellness who is being acquired by Cresco.  Bluma Wellness BMWLF is a stock that on its own would be worth $6.00 in 2 years' time.  They will contribute 10% of Cresco's revenues.  Therefore, Cresco could be worth as much as $60.00 in just 2 years' time.  Further, Cresco just announced the acquisition of Cultivate, a Massachusetts vertical cannabis company with 3 more dispensaries.  This will continually push revenues and earnings in the future.

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excellent review on Cresco Labs. I was a share owner of Origin House, which was a Distributor out of California who was bought out by Cresco Labs last year. I continue to add to my Cresco positions over the course of the year. It remains a long term hold for me. Looking forward to the SP increases next year and beyond. Thanks again for the encouraging update.


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