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Cronos CRON Stock Forecast & Analysis

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Cronos Group CRON stock has had a rough go at getting the company to being a solid cannabis producer.  But, this looks set to change as there are many factors that are moving forward.  So, I wanted to put together the CRON stock forecast to see if what a potential investment in CRON stock could mean for your cannabis investments.

There are a few bullet points that I want everyone to keep focused upon when you think of Cronos Group, and I will break each of these down individually because when you put these together, they paint a solid picture for CRON stock.  These individual breakdowns will be in the appropriate section below.

What are Fixed/Variable Costs
Gross Margins Broke above negative
Operating Efficiencies are 150%
CAD$119M Write-Down
$1B Cash - 374M Shares

As I mentioned, there is now some momentum and I think that Cronos Group can get there finally.  Plus, they are sitting on a mountain of cash which can only propel the company forward.


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