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Cronos CRON Stock Misses: And They All Fall Down

D. H. Taylor
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Cronos Group CRON Stock missed its earnings numbers by some $0.23 per share.  Revenues went up.  However, for this $4B company, this may be the first straw that brings all of the cannabis stocks down.  While I was initially optimistic on Cronos when CRON stock was far lower in price, my tune is changing significantly given the continued developments in its financials.  

Cronos CRON Stock

I wanted to put together a quick analysis and break down where CRON sits now that they’ve printed their annual numbers; It’s bad.

What is most important in this is that the cannabis stocks have all pushed higher recently because of the Blue Wave that swept through the Federal government and the hopes of Federal legalization.  Then, in February, Redditers came in and pushed valuations upwards into levels that are not in line with basic fundamentals.

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