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Curaleaf CURLF stock is growing but, are there problems?

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D. H. Taylor
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Curaleaf, CURLF stock, is one of those undervalued marijuana stocks that you should be watching out for.  They have guided to earn between $1.2B - $1.3B for the year and they are on track to do so.  But, Curaleaf is now stating after the latest earnings that what is most likely is for them to hit the bottom of that range.  There were a few challenges with the latest quarter and, what I am wondering is if Curaleaf may tell us something about the bigger picture in cannabis stocks: Are there future issues?

First, Curaleaf is growing at an approximate 100% rate annually.  I hardly think this is potentially problematic.  But, the rate that Curaleaf grew this quarter is slowing.  Expectations were high, including mine.  Still, what Curaleaf is doing is building up a solid foundation and, there will be continual growth in the future.

For now, all of the revenue increases were organic.  That is good news if you are looking for undervalued stocks to buy.  With the current rate of growth of revenue, this is still exceptional and it outpaces the broader economy and stock market.  I continually reiterate that creating wealth involves finding fast-paced growing sectors and companies.  So, while there was a decline in the rate of growth for the quarter, Curaleaf is still on track to hit its guidance and, they are printing revenue growth that is twice as fast as before.

As for the issues of slower growth, the headline is bearish, but, Curaleaf is likely to print continuous increases and they are building a very large foundation.

Finally, there was an announcement of another acquisition that will be strategically advantageous for Curaleaf for years.

Ricky Perkins
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Thank you for your analysis so soon after the earnings report. It surely is a busy time for you.


D. H. Taylor
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Hahaha... I'm okay today. But, next week, earnings are going to flood in. That's why I wanted to get this out of the way quickly. Plus, it's important and it will give me a measuring stick for all future cannabis companies reporting.

Jeff Spahn
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Boris (CEO) has built other companies from the past and he cares about investors (long term) but not what he calls short term less than 3-5 years.
Curaleaf also has MAX out limit licenses State licenses.
Also I believe that they have made some large investments in Europe (Boris said that it is growing faster than people think we will see how that plays out all that said I believe that could be some of the growing pains and benefits of being the first Big company.

They will be around but Boris will run it his way because he's had success in the past and he knows he only has a limited time to get the maximum footprint and when they get unlisted to US Stock exchanges all the institutional buyers will send it up


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