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Curaleaf Holdings CURLF Stock To Double With Guidance

D. H. Taylor
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Curaleaf CURLF Stock is one of the behemoths of the cannabis industry and often outperforms in the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Companies, but is it one of the best marijuana stocks to buy?  Its market capitalization is some  $6.5B.  Revenues printed ~$665M for 2020; they are expected to double that to $1.2B for 2021. The EBITDA rate is guided for 30% to $360M.  Recent deals will continue to expand its footprint (EMMAC) into Europe which is an eventual new market that should cannabis legalize on an adult-use basis will provide a far greater potential market.  Given this large of a footprint, I wanted to break down the numbers to determine where the stock could be over the next year given the consideration of revenue generation, costs, margins, and EBITDA profits.  Net profitability is probable this year and I wanted to show the run-rate CURLF stock is on.

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steve meils
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Not sure the market cap used here is accurate. It looks like it was 10.1 billion earlier today. I do like this stock.