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Curaleaf Misses on Revenues - CURLF Stock Continues Up to $27.00

D. H. Taylor
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Curaleaf CURLF stock reported its latest earnings.  The market was expecting slightly higher numbers for both revenue and earnings.  This miss, however, when you break down the charts, seems a bit misaligned with the success of what Curaleaf actually was able to print.  Curaleaf CURLF stock could be one of the Best Marijuana Stocks to buy now; they continuously outperform on the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Companies.  On the same day of its earnings release, Curaleaf CURLF stock also announced an acquisition of British medical cannabis EMMAC.

I wanted to thoroughly go through the revenues, margins, costs, and earnings, as well as the acquisition, to figure out what is next for CURLF Stock.  Lately, the cannabis market has eased off slightly from the recent highs.  Some may be on the sidelines wanting to get into a stock that is significantly outperforming the rest of the cannabis sector.


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