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CURLF earnings report November 8th

Ricky Perkins
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Joined: 11 months ago
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Just looked at Curaleaf Q3 earnings.  I am underwhelmed.  They continue to make acquisitions but revenue only increased from 312M to 317M (2%) and ADJ EBITDA actually fell from 84M in Q2 to 71M in Q3.  Last quarter I thought they might finally be getting close to making a profit but alas net income fell from a $7.2M loss to a $56.9M loss.  They have diluted to 702M shares but they do have a lot of cultivation space, dispensaries, employees and have moved into Europe.  I have traded my CURLF shares for TCNNF shares and VRNOF shares but I thought I would move back into CURLF at some point.  Are they ever going to make money?  Any CURLF owners have any thoughts on this company?

D. H. Taylor
Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 689

@gr8day4alemonadegmail-com Thanks for posting this.  

I am going to dive into these guys this afternoon and I’ll look at these numbers and do a video for tomorrow afternoon.  I actually kind fo felt the same about Curaleaf CURLF stock numbers from before that they appeared to be sluggish.  But, I think I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  Nonetheless, they’ve never made it into my Top Picks and, that might be the reason.  


Mark Barrett
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Joined: 8 months ago
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I wonder if others to report will be dragged down by tax payments?  I remember that due to Covid companies were allowed to defer payments.

Anyway, thank you Green Thumb fir correcting the negative start from Cura!

D. H. Taylor
Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 689

@mebarrettyahoo-com Exactly.  This was a hit with that tax bill.  But, take that away and still, numbers were soft.  I was generally disappointed with this.  

Colombia Care just reported and smashed it with 22% increase QoQ.  This just reiterates that Curaleaf will be outpaced.  Time to start weeding through and picking the winners and losers.  


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