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Interesting stock with Nicole Kidman endorsement

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Hard to find info on this company.

They seem to have a lot of products, and I think some patents.

Their seratopical Revolution skin care products have some good reviews that are being sold at CVC pharmacies and endorsed  by Nicole Kidman

Their drug delivery products are interesting and recent revenues make this one to watch IMO.

The stock seems to be very volatile. I did pick up a few shares of it.

The drug delivery products and that thin film product they have, can have huge potential. Its speculative and lots of competition for that space, but if they get patents and or have them, and sell rights to use, or white label, etc, little companies like this can pop up quickly in share price.

Speculative for sure, but I think this one has a decent chance of turning into a large company and getting bought out in a few years.





D. H. Taylor
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Cure Pharma CURR Stock has interesting metrics.  They are starting to print some solid numbers with revenue growth. 

When I think of Nicole Kidman, I think of a platinum-esque skin regime so, anything in this vein she promotes may be an interesting idea that could grow legs.

In the meantime, CURR is negative EBTIDA profitable so far - by a lot.  However, revenues are heading higher.  

I may need to dig a little deeper on this stock soon.


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