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[Sticky] Decibel Cannabis DBCCF Stock Forecast & Analysis

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D. H. Taylor
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Decibel Cannabis DBCCF stock is one of the few smallish Canadian cannabis stocks that I like.  They are starting to build up momentum with revenue and, given its market share and positioning, this is one of the best cannabis stocks - My Top Picks.  I wanted to lay out the groundwork for the DBCCF stock forecast and show where I see the potential for this cannabis stock.

If you look at the latest financial release statement, there are a few things that stand out for Decibel Cannabis DBCCF stock.  First, this is their 7th consecutive Adjusted EBITDA posting quarter, decibel Cannabis made significant adjustments to its balance sheet and, even paid off a convertible debenture versus diluting existing shareholders, as well, Decibel Cannabis maintained its lofty market share.


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